Best Desert Cooler Guide in 2020

What is Desert Cooler?

Desert Cooler is also called air-conditioner, air cooling fan, Swamp cooler, environmental air-conditioner, evaporative cooling fan, industrial air-conditioner, it can be widely Used in factories, supermarkets, workshops, communication rooms, etc. Air cooler Lab is the best china desert cooler manufacturer and supplier that offered desert cooler to India, Kuwait, Dubai, Vietnam market for over 20 years.

Air cooler lab’s new Portable air cooling fan for home series is small size and easy to move at any time. It also helps users to get rid of the air conditioning sickness in the hot summer. with the home cooling fan, you can enjoy a comfortable, refreshing summer at work or at home. Give you the comfortable feeling of the sea breeze.

Evaporative environmentally friendly air conditioners consume only one-eighth of the electricity per hour of conventional air conditioners. It has a history of 50 years in Australia and Europe and the United States. It has been introduced to China for 10 years and has been used by factories and workshops in the past two years. At the same time, portable desert cooler used in new homes is popular now.

Desert Cooler Working Principle

desert cooler working principle
desert cooler working principle

Desert Cooler Adopted Efficient “direct evaporative cooling” technology, the most important part is the use of Swedish patented high-efficiency evaporation filter. which is a multi-layer corrugated fiber laminate.

it has good hydrophilicity and ventilation and filtration function, and the actual evaporation heat exchange area is 100 times of the pad surface area. The principle is that water absorbs heat energy during the evaporation process, that is, under the condition of constant enthalpy, the sensible heat of the air is absorbed, and the temperature of the air (dry air temperature) is lowered.

This phenomenon is widespread in our daily life. For example, when we stand on the beach and when the wind blows over the skin with water, we will feel cool. This is the way the water absorbs the heat of the air during the evaporation process.

the Desert cooler adopted this working principle and makes the air temperature drops also integrated with ventilation, dustproof and deodorization function.

Desert Cooler features:

1. Low investment and high performance. Easy to move
2. low operating costs, energy saving 80% (1/8 of the central air conditioning electricity consuming )
3. fresh air exchange, increase the oxygen content of the air (open the window to use more effective)
4. cooling, ventilation, dust, deodorization four in one
5. adjust the humidity
6. easy to install, use environmental protection. Industrial air conditioning energy saving and environmental protection air conditioner

Desert Cooler Applications:

※ Textile industry
※ Clothing, footwear and hat manufacturing Leather feather and velvet products business room communication professional air conditioning air conditioner
※ Chemical fiber manufacturing, rubber products industry
※Plastic products industry
※ Culture and education sporting goods manufacturing
※ Food Manufacturing Beverage Manufacturing
※ Paper manufacturing
※ Aluminum manufacturing
※ Metal products industry General equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery equipment manufacturing, electronic equipment manufacturing
※ Instrumentation and cultural office machinery manufacturing Crafts and other manufacturing, wood processing manufacturing Furniture manufacturing Paper and paper products printing industry
※ Warehousing industry (fixed storage, special requirements for the environment, such as food is afraid of heat, or personnel in the warehouse most of the time)
※ Animal husbandry (animal farms such as raising pigs, raising cattle, raising chickens, etc.) Flower pots (from humidification and ventilation)
※ Telecommunications Computer service industry (mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications stations and computer rooms with large heat can be linked with air conditioners)
※ Internet cafe (the power saving effect is obvious, the equipment cost can be recovered in four months)
※ Canteen (forces, schools, factories, etc.)
※ Hotel (general hotel lobby)
※ Hotel (the kitchen is cooled by the air duct post and the effect of ventilation and exhaust)
※ The repair shop or car beauty maintenance place of the 4S shop of the car (there is a certain amount of tail exhaust body when the car is maintained)
※ Prison system (intensive place for labor production)
※ Car shelter (for ventilation and cooling)
※ Hospital. Outpatient hall
※ Entertainment venue (used by fresh air and cooling system)
※ Railway system washing workshop, gymnasium, and indoor basketball court, etc.
※ Shopping malls [including home appliances and mobile shopping malls], supermarkets, roast bars, chess and card rooms, hotels,
※ Clothing store
※ Factory dormitory


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