How to Clean a Swamp Cooler in 3 Minutes

clean swamp cooler in 3 minutes

This simple Guide is the best answer for how to clean a swamp cooler, include the whole machine, filters, pads, and calcium clean, follow the right steps, you can have a totally new swamp cooler in 3 minutes.

Steps of Clean a Swamp Cooler

Step 1: Remove the Wet Curtain Pads

1. Unscrew the three screws on the top of the wet curtain pad.

2. Hold the louvers on the upper part of the wet curtain, gently pull the wet curtain out and lift it up slightly to remove the wet curtain pads.

Step 2: Remove the top cover of the Swamp cooler and the water pipes assembly

1. Unscrew the screw on the top cover and lift the top cover up to remove the cover.

2. Loosen the hose clamp on the water pipe and loosen the water pipe, lift the pipe assembly upwards and take it down.

Step 3: Clean the chassis and accessories

1. Cleaning the Machine chassis: The chassis can be cleaned with a soft cloth or a brush.

2. Cleaning the fan blade: use a soft cloth to wipe the fan blade. Be careful not to drop the dust into the duct pipe.

3. Cleaning the water level sensor: a small wet cloth can be used to clean the dirt on the water leveler.

4. Cleaning the water pump: The water pump and the dirt on the filters can be washed and cleaned with a brush.

5. Cleaning the drain valve: pay attention to the dirt at the bottom of the drain valve, do not miss.

Step 4: Swamp Cooler Pads Clean

1. Rinse the wet pads from the inside out with clean water.

2. Filter: The filter can be taken out and washed once a week.

Step 5: Clean the filters.

1. Twist the filter back cover to open.

2. Clean the dirt from the filter and then reinstall the back cover.

Step 6: Reinstall the swamp cooler

After cleaning, reinstall the whole machine in the reverse order of the steps above.

Warning: When cleaning the unit, stop and turn off the power. Otherwise, there is a danger of electric shock or other damage to the human body.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How to Clean the Swamp Cooler Spider?

A: usually the spider is unmovable, you can clean the surface with a brush

Q: how to clean calcium from an Evaporative air cooler?

A: Add the calcium remover to the water tank

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