Evaporative cooling has gained popularity as the cooling system of choice for residential and business buildings. The system has proven to be a low-cost, efficient means of providing cooling by relying solely on water evaporation. The recurrent savings over just a few seasons will pay for the units and maintenance is minimal, with few running costs.

At Air Cooler Lab, we pride ourselves on offering the ultimate range in evaporative cooling technology with solutions for any size application. From portable solutions that you can move between rooms in the house with ease, to Fixed solutions for the entire home and even the largest industrial applications, Air Cooler Lab has the Swamp cooler to suit your environment and take control.

Over our 21 years of experience in the industry, we have come across some frequently asked questions from our clients that we feel deserve their own space on our site for our new users to review. This evaporative cooler FAQ contains just some of the general queries we have received over the years, however, if you have a question that was not answered, please feel free to drop the expert consulting team at Air Cooler Lab and email with your query and we will sort it out as soon as possible, with an answer you can rely on!


How does evaporative cooling work? it’s a simple principle that operates through the evaporation of the cooling medium, water. Water is a very effective coolant medium because it has a large heat of vaporization meaning a large amount of energy can be absorbed on a mass scale. Evaporative coolers are incredibly effective cooling solutions in areas that have low humidity levels in the air, they pull in hot, dry air and through the process of evaporation, turn the hot air into cool, clean air that is pushed into your room.

However, sWamp coolers require the surrounding air has low relative humidity levels, this is needed because the evaporation rate is inversely proportional to relative humidity levels. When conditions meet 100% relative humidity, there would be no evaporation of water and the efficiency of the swamp cooler would be completely diminished.


There is an evaporative cooling solution available for any application. From portable evaporative cooler solutions that quickly and effectively cool bedrooms and studies in the home to large industrial units that are able to cool entire retail facilities or corporate buildings. Evaporative coolers have become very popular due to their low energy consumption and effective cooling. When compared to traditional AC units, Evap coolers can offer an energy saving of up to 70%, these savings transfer to your household or business operations budget, essentially having the unit pay for itself over just a few warm summer seasons.

If you are looking for a portable solution, then take a minute to view our range of portable evaporative coolers. The home Cooling Fan These units are a convenient cooling solution for bedrooms, studies, breakfast nooks and other small rooms in the home, with their mobile casters mounted to the housing, they are easily transferred throughout the home or office.

The KT Series evaporative cooler is the new industry standard of portable evaporative cooler. With the ability to cool large rooms in the home such as the kitchen or lounge, or even large outdoor areas such as covered patios, the AB50 has the efficiency and efficacy to make sure any living environment is cooled to your ideal temperature settings. It also features mobile casters that allow for easy movement between rooms ion the home or office.

If you’re looking for a larger cooling solution that had the ability to cool an office park, retail center or industrial factory, you need to consider the KT Series. This unit is powerful, effective and efficient. Retail operations that change from air-con systems to evaporative cooling systems generally see a reduction of up to 70% in their monthly cooling power bill, adding up to enormous savings over the lifetime of the unit, allowing for those cost savings to better allocated to other areas of the operations budget.


Size evaporative coolers right the first time. Begin selecting the right size evaporative cooler for your home, office or industrial application by deciding if your environment is suitable for evaporative cooling. Evap coolers work well in hot, dry environments such as Gauteng, Limpopo or the Nort-West province. Areas such as KZN on coastline, with high relative humidity levels in the air, will not be the best choice for these cooling solutions, in such as case it is better to use traditional air-conditioning systems that dehumidify the air while they cool it.

Once you are certain your environment is suited to evap cooling, then you need to choose the correctly sized unit fo your application.  BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the standard rating requirement for air-conditioning. The higher the BTU rating, the greater the cooling ability of the unit. To look at it from a practical perspective, a unit with too strong a BTU rating for the room will tend to cycle off too quickly, where a smaller unit may be underpowered and not offer enough cooling relief.

In evaporative coolers, a similar rating system is used called the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of the unit. This unit describes the volume of air moving through the cooler into the room and the basic formula you need to calculate it is to measure the cubic feet of the intended area you are cooling and then divide that number in half. For example, cooling a room that measures 100 square feet with 9 foot high ceilings, your cubic footage would be 900 feet. Divide that number by 2 and you will find out that you require an evap cooler that offers approximately 450 CFMs, as shown by the formula below, allowing your to size evaporative coolers to the exact requirements you need:

Ceiling Height: 9 feet

Cubic Feet = 900 feet

CFM = Cubic Feet / 2

900 / 2 = 450

CFM = 450

When sizing your cooler, always choose a rating that is higher rather than lower. For the example above, you would need a cooler with a CFM of 450 as a minimum, rather go higher than lower and risk ineffective cooling of your room.


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